Project Lifecycle


Its another look to the Project Lifecyle for a Web development Project. A web development project, once a proposal is agreed, moves through a logical sequence of phases as the different components which are required to be considered for a web site development (design, programming, interface, text and Sign off). Throughout your project, Virtual Viewing will work closely with you, collecting content from you and asking for your feedback as development proceeds.

Working through a detailed design questionnaire with you, the Project Manager will brief the designers to produce initial mock-up designs of Home page first and then on getting confirmation on that from you. The inner key pages of the proposed site will be designed and will be sent for your approval. This will include navigational design, informed by the detailed site map the project manager had developed as part of the project scope statement.

As well as the construction of the full list of pages of the site (including any for which you will subsequently have administrative access), this stage also incorporates the linking of content to content management systems (such as OSCAR), the implementation of any programmed elements of your site (such as product databases, web-based forms for services such as inquiries and registration/signup, or site search functions), and integration with third-party systems [such as Payment gateway/ RSS (external feeds)/ Shipping gateway/ SMS gateway etc]. 

Internal Testing
Once development is completed, your website will pass through internal testing against the project specification to identify and correct any issues thats being detected in its operation.

Acceptance Testing
During this key stage, the Project Manager will make a development version of your website available for you to test and check online, so that you can confirm that it provides all specified functionality and adheres to the approved visual design.

At this stage, you should inform the Project Manager of any issues arising from Acceptance Testing (other than those accounted for/by any modifications or variations that have been formally agreed during production), so that the Project Manager can address these in the most suitable fashion.

While further modifications can be incorporated at this stage if so required, please note that any previously unspecified requirements will need to be estimated (cost) and approved by both the parties.

To populate the framework provided by your website’s design/programming, you will need to collate text, visual and other content (including any database that had been incorporated into the site’s functionality). The agreed scope/specification and site map will guide you through the content that will be required, and the Project Manager can also assist you by providing templates that will optimize your pages for search engine visibility. 

Sign Off and Go Live
Once all development issues have been completed and resolved, your site will then be ready to be launched to public, subject to any final accounting / administrative issues. 

With this stage, there can also be deliverables like arrange Training for your key staffs, Tutorials, QC plan.


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