Website Design Project Life-cycle

A successful website relies on much more than merely its visual design. Careful analysis of consumer wants and needs are essential to the delivery of a successfully designed website. At WEB SITE DESIGN PROCESS, follows these 4 working practices or methods within a project life-cycle: These are the steps which comes in the execution phase of the site’s development. Apart from these there are other Management Processes to undertake, which are Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitoring and Control and Closing.. The below mentioned steps comes in the Execution Phase..

* Website Exploration
* Website Creation
* Website Evolution
* Website Deployment

These all depend on numerous deliverables and milestones to move the project forward leading to its completion and moving it to the closing phase. WEB SITE DESIGN is here to help guide you through the process with clarity. So, where to start? The first step in your project will be the Website Exploration Phase.

Website Exploration

It is during this phase that the Service Provider’s team spends a lot of time getting to know you and your business. It’s required to determine:

* What is the purpose of this website?
* What are your marketing objectives?
* Who is your audience and what are their expectations?
* What message are you trying to convey?
* Who are your competitors?

Once a thorough understanding of your place in the market and your business needs is being obtained, then the service provider will require making recommendations of how to best achieve your goals.

The information that the provider uncovers during this phase will provide them with the foundations for the Website Creation Phase.

Website Creation

The designers take the results of the Website Exploration Phase and begin to come up with a concept for your website. Typically, the provider then offers a range of website designs and discusses with you each one in regards to usability and ease-of-use. Designing the look and feel for your website is just one deliverable of this phase; there are other tasks that will seek understanding and agreement on:

* Determining the architecture of your website by developing a detailed site map.
* If there is any technical development, we will need to make sure that the design of the functionality meets all of our usability standards.

Now as the decision on the look of your website had been achieved and have identified all of the pages that will need to be constructed, its an initiation phase to start constructing the website in the Website Evolution Phase.

Website Evolution

Working to the design developed in the Website Creation Phase, the team is ready to construct the pages of your website. During this phase its required to do the following:

* Construct the navigational architecture with usability best practices
* Populate all pages with graphics and content
* Code any technical requirements into the site – including database & e-Commerce functionality and website interactivity
* Create all animations, menus, and multimedia components

The emerging website will be located on one of the development servers of the provider for you to see and discuss prior to its ‘live’ location. The final phase of the project life-cycle is the Website Deployment Phase.

Website Deployment

Prior to your website going-live its requires to undertake the following:

* Thoroughly test the website to ensure an optimum user experience
* Determine a website launch plan – emails, newsletters, PPC (Pay Per Click)
* Determining the SEO plan for getting higher positions in the organic search of Google (if required)


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