Keys for Effective Project Management

Concept Phase

• Project Definition
– New Project Proposal
– Project Selection and Controlling Project Starts
– New Product Business Plan
– Product Definition – Critical Success Factors
– Project Scope Definition: Mission Statement
– Project Scope Definition: Deliverables
Software Release Life Cycle Phase 1: Preliminary Requirements
– New System Request for Proposal (RFP)
– Project Request for Proposal (RFP)
– RFP for Training Program Development

• Project Team Startup
– Project Manager/Team Leader Selection
– Project Team Leader Description – Roles & Responsibilities
– Leadership and the Project Lifecycle
– PM Coaching Guidelines
– Project Coaching Check-in Calendar and Worksheet
– Action Item List Formats

Initiation Phase

• Project Definition and Requirements
– Project Scope Definition: Vision Document
– Project Scope Definition: Statement of Work (SOW)
– Product Requirements Specification
Software Requirements Specification
– Requirements Change Management Guideline
– Requirements Traceability Guideline
Preliminary Design Review Meeting
– Project Vision Example: Defining a Software Release Life Cycle

• Team and Communication
– Team Roles and Responsibilities List
– “Sweet” Team Building Suggestion
– Responsibility Allocation Matrix
– Task Responsibility Matrix
– Project Escalation Process Guidelines
– Software Release Team Member Glossary
– Communications Plan
– Training Needs Assessment Guidelines
– Milestone Table with Driver Tasks
– Collaborative Milestone-Driven Planning Process
– Personality Types Impact on Team Interactions
– Project Team Rewards and Recognition Guideline

• Planning, Scope and Tradeoffs
– Development Project Plan
– Software Project Plan
– Project Alternatives Tradeoff Table
– Project Flexibility Matrix
– Product and Project Risk Assessment and Mitigation Tables
– Plan Development: Task Identification – Work Breakdown Structure
– Plan Development: Task Assignment and Deliverables
– Plan Development: Logical Relationships/Dependencies
– Plan Development: Task Duration
– Plan Development: Project Schedule and Critical Path
– Plan Development: Optimizing Project Plan Tradeoffs
– Discontinuance End-of-Life Planning
– Software Release Life Cycle Phase 1: Preliminary Requirements
– Software Release Life Cycle Phase 2: Scope Definition
– Software Release Life Cycle Phase 3: Planning and Negotiation
– Software Release Life Cycle Phase 4: Release Plan Refinement
– Marketing Plan
– Project Overview Test Plan
– Beta Test Plan
– Communications Plan

• Scheduling, Costs, and Estimating
– Department and Project Level WBS Example
– Scheduling Checklist
– Resource Leveling
– Estimating Process and Methods
– Pete’s Estimating Laws
– Project Budgets
– Software Release Life Cycle WBS

Execution Phase

• Ongoing Planning
– Software Release Life Cycle Overview
– Introduction to Software Release Trains
– Integration Plan
– Software Bug Fix WBS
– Maintenance Planning Guidelines and Plan Outline
– Discontinuance End-of-Life Planning
– Marketing Plan
– Localization Guidelines

• Specifications
– Interface Protocol Document
– Software Requirements Specification

• Tracking and Status
– Phase Signoff Process
– Milestone Table with Driver Tasks
– Tracking with Visible Deliverables
– Tracking Example – Small Project
– Change Control Form
– Issue Resolution Status Report
– Guidelines – Completion Criteria
– Software Integration Checklist
– Project Status Reports

• Reviews
– Review Checklists: Detailed Design Review
– Review Checklists: Critical Design Review
– Review Checklists: Final Design Review
– Coding Review Guidelines

• Testing
– Software Release Life Cycle Phase 5: Development Tracking
– Software Release Life Cycle Phase 6: Integration
– Software Release Life Cycle Phase 7: System Test
Software Test Transfer Forms

Approval Phase

Test Planning and Execution
– Project Overview Test Plan
– QA and Beta Test Manager Job Descriptions
– Software Unit Test Plan
– Software Release Life Cycle Phase 8: Internal Testing (Alpha)
– Software Release Life Cycle Phase 9: External Testing (Beta)
– Software Test Transfer Forms
– Master Test List
– Beta Test Plan
User Acceptance Test Plan
– Customer Acceptance Checklist and Signoff

• Completion Criteria/Checklists
– Release decision process
– Software Quality Release
– End of Approval Phase Checklist

Delivery Phase

• Project Completion
– Software Release Life Cycle Phase 10: Delivery
– Project Cancellation

• Close-out Activities
– Project Closeout Meeting Agenda
– Lessons Learned Survey
– Lessons Learned Meeting Agenda
– Lessons Learned Meeting Report


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